Wins for Kansas: American Overseas School Historical Society

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Preserving history is important, and in this week's Wins for Kansas, KAKE's Jim Grimes introduces us to a local non-profit that's trying to save the history of Americans who attended schools overseas.

After World War II, millions of Americans attended school overseas.

But when those schools started to close down, a lot of history was lost.

That's when Dr. Tom Drysdale stepped in and founded the American Overseas School Historical Society.

"As the Cold War ended they were throwing memorabilia away when the bases closed, and there was no need for the schools," explains Monica Tiller, AOSHS Executive Director.

Monica Tiller is the group's executive director.

She says seeing the need to keep some of that memorabilia, the group saved all kinds of items.

"We're the only organization worldwide that preserves this memorabilia from American schools overseas, not only for the Department of Defense, but missions, any school overseas that closed its doors comes to our archive."

In 1997, the organization decided to make Wichita its new home, with plans to eventually open a national museum.

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