From Italy to Wichita State: Civita excels on the volleyball court

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Wichita State sophomore volleyball player Giorgia Civita is the fastest player in shocker history to get to 1,000 career digs. 

Civita grew up playing a high level of volleyball but never thought she would end up here in Wichita. 

She grew up more than 5,000 miles away from Milan, Italy.  

"People would ask me 'where are you going to go in the USA?'" said Civita. 

"Wichita, Kansas. What is that? Like I have no idea either."

After a knee injury Civita and her brother created a video to send out to schools across the country. 

"When you get the stuff from the foreign athletes they certainly cast a wide net," said Wichita State volleyball coach Chris Lamb. "They want to make it appear that they will go anywhere."

"When I came over here to visit I just fell in love with the school and the coaching staff here, so i decided to come here," said Civita.

Civita understood the sport but she didn't speak any English when she first moved to the united states in 2016. 

"So for like the first few months it was hard to create a relationship, even if I had a lot of help from the coaching staff and the team." 

Despite the language barrier Civita was prepared to master the court because of the level of volleyball in Italy. 

"It was higher than what every high school kid plays here. I played with older people in Italy," said Civita. In Italy there's no high school, we all play in club the entire year." 

"Giorgia has been playing higher level than Missouri Valley, at the time that's where we were, and then ultimately the American."

Civita has become Wichita State's best player, and with two and a half years left as a Shocker she has a lot of volleyball left in her future. 

"She'll be in the Mount Rushmore of Shocker volleyball players," said Lamb. "I have no doubt."

"I hope it's going be like that," said Civita. "I still have a lot of yet to play here."