Resources available for victims of domestic violence

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Following this weekend's murder-suicide in Derby, people are asking what resources are available for victims of domestic violence.

"We have a team of prosecutors in the city prosecutors office who handle thousands of these domestic violence cases a year. When they get more serious or more repeat offenders, we have a team over here who tend to this," said Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett. "We have judges. We have systems in place. We have battery intervention programs in the city. We have all the philanthropies set up to help the woman and/or her children if they need a place to stay."

But people are asking if there are more ways to protect victims.

Over the weekend, 33-year-old Kristin Florio-Gile was shot and killed by her husband, Randy Gile. He then shot and killed himself.

"Anybody in the criminal justice system was going to want to look back on this case, any of us, and say, 'What could we have done better?' The truth is, we had an active pick up issued for him," said Bennett.

Florio-Gile's relatives say the mother of six had a protection from abuse order against her husband and stayed in a women's shelter.

Gile was arrested on September 15th following an aggravated assault incident that happened at the couple's home. Police said he grabbed a gun and threatened to kill his wife. Two days later, he was released from jail on a $25,000 bond. 

"Why aren't these guys just locked up? Constitutionally, and by state law, you have a right to a bond," he said. "It's constitutional. They are presumed innocent until proven guilty."

Victim advocates want people to talk about the problem. They say it is important to recognize the reasons why victims stay in an abusive relationship, but do not blame the victim. Instead, they say to look for warning signs and report that violence to police.

"Once a guy puts his hands around a woman's throat, you're in a rare fight there. It doesn't get better from there. It's the largest red flag you could wave," said Bennett.

There is a 24-hour Wichita Crisis Hotline at (316) 267-SAFE (7233)

This is a list of local non-profit organizations that help victims of domestic violence.

A nationwide service is available for people to look up offenders and register for offender custody status notifications through the Victim Information and Notification Everyday service. You can learn more information about VINE by clicking here

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