West Wichita flooding caused by Cowskin Creek

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With days of persistent rains the Cowskin Creek is once again causing flooding problems in West Wichita. While water is receding today, just days ago the high water caused flooding on roadways.

Jim Hardesty, Interim Storm Water Division Manager said, "on the west side the Cowskin basin can be problematic. We see a lot down here in the Maple and Maize area."

Hardesty says after the infamous Halloween Flood of 1998, the city made $12 million dollars worth of improvements to its infrastructure. He said, "we laid back a large expanse of land, which gave the Cowskin room to spread out, slow down and reduce the flooding. That was completed just a few years ago."

Now they are turning their focus to another West Wichita area near 13th and 119th. He said, "engineering has planned is to widen 13th street next year up to 135th. In doing so, they will improve that drainage. Which should eliminate the Cowskin jumping over 13th."

The city also has crews working everyday to make sure storm drains aren't clogged.