Floodwaters close several Reno County roads


In all his years living in Reno County, Ronald Sturgent says he's never seen the flooding here, this bad.

"We haven't seen it over this road for a number of years,” he said.

Sturgent was heading down 82nd street when he had no choice but to turn around. He says he learned that lesson years ago.

"We were told that Pennington road was open to the south even though the water was running across it and we drove into a ravine where it had washed the road out,” he recalled. “Yeah, it wasn't pretty."

Reno County emergency management says Cow Creek is on the rise and could be as bad as 2007.

Emergency management is warning everyone who lives near the flood path to get out before flood water gets into homes and say they won't put emergency responders at risk if you choose not to evacuate.

"If you're new to the area or staying at a residence that's gonna be flooded or flood waters are approaching there, I encourage people to leave that residence,” said Adam Weishaar with emergency management. “Find somewhere else that isn't gonna flood or contact us and we can get in touch with the Red Cross."

It’s a warning resident's like Kelly Jordan say you should never ignore.

“The river is runnin' bank to bank, the Arkansas, and I've never seen that much water goes from Arkansas in a long time,” said Jordan. “It's not always the smartest thing to try and ride it out."

You can find current road closures on Reno County's emergency management Facebook page.

Emergency management says if you see a road that's not on the list but looks flooded, don't risk it. They say if you're caught trying to pass a roadblock it’ll be a misdemeanor.