Dog saved from rushing flood waters in Towanda

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Millie Bolinger is giving her dog extra love

“You're my little fluffy boy,” she says.

She didn’t think she would be hugging Latsky again after he escaped the family's home and found himself in trouble.

She said, “I kept calling his name, calling his name, calling his name and he would not come back.”

That’s because Latsky was perched up on a rock at a lake in Towanda. He was trapped with water rushing all around him.

Bolinger said, “I was crying to myself wondering if my dog was drowning at the lake. I couldn't do anything. It was just horrible.”

Andover Fire Department assisted the Butler County Rescue Squad in a swift-water rescue.

Chad Russell, Andover Fire Chief said, “We put on all of our safety gear which included dry suits, personal floatation devices, helmets, gloves and we set some anchors and ran some lines to them so we could rope off our rescuers.”

With flooding across Kansas, the Andover Fire Department says if a person or pet gets trapped in flooded waters, just call 911, don't try to rescue them yourself.

Russell said, “It's important for people to remember that just a little bit of water can knock you off your feet.”

As for Bolinger, she couldn't happier to have her four-legged friend back in her arms and thankful for the first responders who made that possible.

She said, “When I was reunited with him it felt so good. He was the same bright eyed, bushy-tailed little fluffer butt when I went over there, everyone was loving on him.”

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