WSU food bank missing hundreds of pounds of items

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The group who runs a Wichita State University food pantry just hired two assistants to watch over the facility. The move comes after hundreds of pounds of food went missing in recent weeks.

The shelves inside the Shocker Support Locker are now pretty bare as a result.

“We were losing food really, really quickly,” said Shelby Rowell, with Wichita State University’s Student Government Association, which runs the food bank. “We got about $1600 worth of food donated to the Shocker Support Locker and within three business days it was gone.”

In addition to hiring assistants, the locker now has defined hours. The effort started three years ago, as a means to help students facing high bills by offering free food and other items. They could come and go as they pleased, but were limited to how much they could take.

Rowell doesn’t suspect said the items weren’t stolen, necessarily, but does think a few people were taking advantage of the system.

“Really, think about the other people,” she said.