KAKE meteorologist saves cat from flooding in Kingman

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As KAKE Meteorologist Tony Laubach spent his Tuesday covering the flooding in south-central Kansas, he made a new friend on his first stop. 

In Kingman, he found a kitten screaming from an island along a fence line. She was surrounded by water in pouring rain and was drenched, he said on Facebook

"When I realized she couldn't get across the water, I went to her. The water was a little over ankle deep, but several yards across, so hardly a big deal for me. But the poor thing was terrified."

The cat ran to Tony and he scooped her up and put her in his car. 

"I wiped her down with a towel and she immediately began to clean herself off. I finished my shoot while she dried out in the car with the heater running. When I checked on her, she was super friendly, purring and talking."

Tony took the cat to a fire station and then to Swaney Veterinary Clinic. She didn't have a microchip, but the vet's office said they'd try to track down the owner.

"Later that afternoon, I was back in the same area doing live shots for the news shows when one of the residents showed up. I asked if he had a cat and he identified her. They will be reunited tomorrow when the vet reopens.

So a good story from today. Thanks to the crew at Swaney Vet in Kingman for helping me out. I couldn't bare the thought of leaving her outside in all that. So happy they took her and held on to her. Glad they'll be able to reunite her with her owner :)