Wins for Kansas: Community Linc


Something as small as a hot meal can be out of reach for some people.

A faith-based organization is serving up more than just food to people in Greenwood County.

When the tornado hit the town of Eureka, Kansas this June, a non-profit called Community Linc was on the front lines helping.

"We coordinated most of the volunteer feeding effort. We also had a lot of the families that are involved at the ministry on a daily basis that went out and helped with the cleanup and recovery effort as well," said Matt Osborn, Director of Community Linc.

Osborn says the mission is to help people with their physical, social and spiritual needs: no strings attached.

"If somebody needs a meal or wants to come in and just hang out and fellowship then there is a meal provided at no charge," explained Osborn.

Osborn says in Greenwood County, there are far too many people who need help, and he believes the church should be at the forefront.

"There is definitely a need financially, but there is also a large population of elderly, and so we are trying to make sure those people have a place to connect as well. I believe the people of God should be the answer in a community, and far too often we are dependent on other means, when there is a whole force of people there that are empowered and equipped to do the work of ministry."

To help advance the group's cause, our partners DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honoring Community Linc as this week's Wins for Kansas.