Wichita State warns of email scam about campus emergency

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It’s an email that if you weren’t paying close attention, could fool nearly anyone.

“It was pretty smart, actually. It made it seem real,” WSU student, Brian Harris said.

Over 700 students and staff at Wichita State University received an email on Friday warning of a campus emergency. It turned out to be a scam.

“Unfortunately, these people that put out ransomware or malware to try to gain your information or to gain control over your computer, they’ll use manipulative means,” WSU Police Captain, Corey Herl said.

When the email came through to students it was titled, “URGENT: A Police Emergency Concern on Campus.” Students were asked to click on a link for more information on the incident.

If a student or staff member clicked on the link, they could potentially have personal information stolen from their campus accounts.

Students said the fact that the scam targeted them isn't surprising.

“It kind of sucks but students are kind of like really vulnerable for a lot of things,” WSU student, Jack Lowry said.

“We don’t really know. A lot of people aren’t taught to be careful about that kind of stuff,” WSU student, Andrew Mullen said.

WSU’s IT department is investigating the incident. Police are telling students who did click on the link, to immediately change their passwords as a precaution.

“It is unfortunate that people prey upon the concerns that people would have if there was an emergency. Our main goal is to make sure people know it’s a safe place out here and to alert people if there is a concern,” Herl said.

Campus police said if there ever is an emergency on campus, the information will be sent to students and staff through the Shocker Alert system.


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Wichita State University police are warning the public about an email scam about a police emergency on campus. 

The WSU Police Department said Friday on Twitter there is no emergency and anyone who receives such an email through campus mail should not click on any of the links in it. 

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