Wichita police arrest 14 in Broadway corridor operation

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Wichita police have arrested 14 people during a special assignment along the Broadway corridor. 

The assignment spanned several hours in the North Broadway corridor beginning at 5 p.m. Wednesday. Officer Charley Davidson said the 14 people arrested face a range of charges including 10 felonies and 24 misdemeanors. 

During the assignment, officers also seized 25 grams of meth, seven grams of marijuana, an illegal weapon and drug paraphernalia.

Officer Davidson on Friday released the names of those arrested.

  • Matthew Johnson-Rudis
  • Christy Stumblingbear  (not pictured)
  • Levi Outhouse  
  • Seth Harden  
  • Nicholas Pope  
  • Terry Keeler  
  • Kelley Walker  (not pictured)
  • Ronnie Wallace  (not pictured)
  • Pacrecia Curtis  (not pictured)
  • Sammy Langford  
  • Elliot Norton  
  • Mary Bishop  
  • Michael Brizendine  
  • Ronnie Goodrun  

Police have done a lot of work on the Broadway corridor, but there's still a lot to be done. One man who didn't want to go on camera said he regularly hears screams when working late at night.

"It's gonna keep getting worse and worse, so you're going to keep hearing about 14 arrests, and you're gonna hear about 20 arrests," he said. "It's pretty common in this area to hear commotion of some sort."

Angel Martinez also works at a nearby bail bonds office and says he's seen police make changes along the corridor, but the task isn't small.

"We're gonna have to approach it different. Cooperation from police, cooperation from the city, more nonprofits, people seein' a need, feelin' a need, just getting involved just people getting second chances."

The Broadway corridor, which stretches from Pawnee to 21st Street North and from Water to St. Francis, has been the focus of multiple prostitution stings since August of last year that have resulted in 121 arrests. 

"We all have to take our own part in the mess," Martinez said. "If you're not willing to call 911 because something's happening, you're a part of the problem."

Wednesday's assignment included about 30 officers from Patrol North, Patrol West and North community policing, the vice section, the Broadway Corridor Team and Patrol West BAT van operators, as well as officials from the Kansas Department of Corrections and Community Corrections.