Auctioning off memories at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium

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Auction day at Lawrence Dumont Stadium. Auction day at Lawrence Dumont Stadium.

Everything left behind at Lawrence Dumont Stadium after the Wingnuts' last game was auctioned off Wednesday.  

"You get into a sale like this and you'd be surprised what you can find," said fan Truman Coffman, one of hundreds who showed up for the auction.

If it wasn't nailed down, and sometimes even if it was, it was probably for sale.  

While many came to find supplies for their business or furnish a new home, most of the people KAKE News spoke with say they came not for the deals but for the memories.

"It's kind of sad to see the stadium's going away," said Dara Smythe.  "We've got some good memories here."

Smythe and her family decided to make a day of it combining errands downtown with a visit to the auction.  They weren't alone.

"I just wanted to see what they had going on here," said Truman Coffman.

"Just here to look," repeated Gerald Dauber.

Those who came to look usually ended up buying.  Dauber was looking for a souvenir baseball bat.

"I've got a collection at home," Dauber said.  "And thought I'd get some with Wingnuts on it.  See what's going on."

"You find some good gifts for Christmas when it comes to this," Coffman said.

The auction included office chairs, sugar, the obligatory baseball bats and helmets, even umbrellas, not to mention all sorts of souvenirs from the gift shop.

"It's pretty neat.  A  lot of people, more than I thought would show up," Dauber said.  Then added, "A lot of good memories down here."

Those memories make this auction a sad moment for some.

"It is," Dauber said.  "I hate it closing down.  But, what  can you do?"

Others say this goodbye means better things to come.

"I'm kind of excited we're getting affiliated baseball back," Coffman said.

Dara Smythe is already dreaming of what the new stadium might look like.

"Bigger size... more seating for fans," she listed off her hopes for what comes next.

Not everything was sold off Wednesday.  Some folks have been eyeing things like the stadium seating and scoreboard.  The City of Wichita still hasn't publicly decided what to do with those.