Wins for Kansas: Wichita Pug Rescue

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A husband and wife in Benton, Kansas are taking their love for their pets to a whole new level.

They've turned their home into a shelter.

"My husband and I have been rescuing pugs for about 25 years," said Darryl Russell.

For Russell, founder of Wichita Pug Rescue, it's not a job, but a calling.

"We decided this is what we had to do. We really expected we adopt out only one or two every few months, but we do 40 a year just in the Wichita area," said Russell.

The pugs come from all over. Some people are unable to care for their pets, or the dogs are stray or abandoned. 

"I kind of shudder to think where these dogs would go if it were not for us. We don't turn down any pugs, no matter the age or medical condition," said Russell.

Without donations, they would be unable to help all those homeless pugs to find new homes.

Our Wins for Kansas Partners DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers wanted to help and are honoring them as this week's Wins for Kansas.