Kobach: Kavanaugh hearings are "hyper-politicized"

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Kansas Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach says the Brett Kavanaugh hearings have been "hyper-politicized."

He's one of several Kansas politicians talking about what's been happening this week in Washington.

"Dragging his name through the mud, dragging Ms. Ford's name through the mud, all for partisan gain, by the opponents of Judge Kavanaugh I think has just made this process seem really distasteful, unpleasant," said Kobach Friday.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified this week before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

She says more than 30 years ago, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her.

It's something Kavanaugh adamantly denies.

Kobach calls the entire process over-politicized.

"Certainly wasn't what the Founding Fathers thought when they created this Senate Advise and Consent rule for Presidential appointees to the Supreme Court. It's-- I wouldn't quite use the word disgusting, but it's certainly been distasteful to watch," added Kobach.

Also watching are the two Kansas senators, who will both vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

Jerry Moran made his announcement Thursday night, and Pat Roberts announced his support back in July.

Kobach admits Republicans, too, have opposed Democratic nominees for Supreme Court, but he says this is different.

"When Republicans oppose a Democrat presidential nominee in the Senate, it's because of the judicial decisions. They think the decisions are too activist or too liberal. I can't think of a personal attack that the Senate Republicans have made on a democrat nominee in my lifetime," said Kobach.