Driver shoots, kills man who tried to rob him, Wichita police say


Police say a man who was shot and killed in north Wichita was trying to rob the person who shot him. 

Officers were called at around 9 p.m. Wednesday to the report of a shooting in the 2600 block of North Amidon. They arrived to find 23-year-old José DeLeon dead in the street. 

Lt. Todd Ojile said DeLeon and his 18-year-old stepbrother were leaving an apartment complex in a car and DeLeon nearly struck a pickup that was heading south on Amidon. 

"As the truck passed, the vehicle with the 23-year-old male and the 18-year-old male pulled out behind it, sped up, got in front of it and blocked it in the middle of the street," Ojile said. 

He said DeLeon then approached the truck and demanded money from the 39-year-old driver, who refused. 

"A short verbal altercation ensued, and the 23-year-old male, who was armed with a golf club at that time, began hitting the truck, smashing out...the back window," Ojile said. 

The man driving the pickup retrieved a handgun from inside the truck and shot DeLeon.

"I was in the house at the time and heard a couple gunshots," said James Larsen II, who lives a block away from Amidon and 26th where the shooting happened.

Lisa M. live a couple blocks in the other direction. "I heard the sirens around 9. I was getting ready for work."

Not everyone in the neighborhood knows what happened, but many heard parts of the confrontation that ended with José DeLeon's death.

"I always say a prayer when I hear the sirens," Lisa said about her reaction, "for the workers and for whatever happens to someone."

"If you're being threatened with your life, you have the right to protect yourself," James Larsen said. "That's just one of our rights we have."

He called 911, was interviewed and released. Several other witnesses were also interviewed. 

The confrontation ended in front of Pastor Tom Garrelts' church. He wasn't there at the time. He found out when his son called to make sure he was alright.

When they got back, "the intersection here was all blocked off with police cars," Tom said.

The investigation came right into his front yard.

"The policemen were walking up our driveway, shining a light at our house. And I came out and talked to them. They said they were looking for bullet holes," he said.

Lisa says she feels bad for DeLeon and his family, no matter what led up to his death. 

"I was extremely sad.  My eyes just filled up with tears," she said about when she first saw the scene Wednesday night. "That was somebody's son. And that still gets me."

Ojile said he doesn't believe the driver of the pickup will face charges. 

DeLeon's death was Wichita's 40th homicide of 2018. 

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