Students plan ways to honor Deputy Kunze

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Campus High students change theme of Homecoming Friday to honor Deputy Robert Kunze. Campus High students change theme of Homecoming Friday to honor Deputy Robert Kunze.

Kansas school kids are learning about civic participation as they help the community mourn the loss of Sedgwick County Deputy Robert Kunze.  Many local schools are asking their kids to wear blue Friday.  And that's not all.  

Students all across the metro will be taking part in a number of different activities, from joining the crowds along the processional route to signing sympathy cards. At Campus High in Haysville students have completely re-arranged their homecoming plans to honor Deputy Kunze.

"He died protecting people from harm and so we're going to honor him," said Marek Clough, Campus High student leader.

The theme for Friday was supposed to be school pride.  Now, it's police pride.  No more black, white and gold but all blue, all day Friday, through school and at the big homecoming game.

"They'll be doing blue out here at the school for our theme," Cole Thompson said. He leads the student section at Campus High football games.  "So i figured that would be a great idea to follow that at the game."

Those who can't wear all blue, like football players, cheerleaders and homecoming candidates, will get blue ribbons.

And the Campus students are asking their opponents to join them.

"We contacted Salina South to get them to do it as well," said Cole.  "So we're trying to see if they'll do it with us, because that would be really cool."

An announcement on Twitter got the word out. 

"I feel like it's important to pay our tribute and respect them cause they do a lot for our communities," Cole said about honoring law enforcement officers in general.

Students at the school have embraced the change.

"Everyone's really happy about it.  And I know it's been blowing up on social media," Marek said.

Younger brothers and sisters soon joined in on the plans.

"The high school group isn't the only one doing it," Cole explained.  "Our middle school, the elementary school kids are all going to be wearing blue tomorrow to pay tribute.  And I'm assuming a lot of the parents in the crowd will be as well."

These students say they aren't giving up anything by bypassing spirit day.  They're gaining everything by honoring Deputy Robert Kunze.

"It makes me feel pretty good because I know I'm standing for something bigger than myself," said Cole.  "It's like this is actually important to us instead of just another tie dye or white out Campus night.  It's just bigger than football, or bigger than student section." 

"It's more important because police officers put their lives on the line so we can do things like that and to have these fun activities," said Marek.  "So we should represent our support for them at our events."

Other schools KAKE News has spoken with are planning activities Friday as well.  For Maize High's homecoming activities tomorrow they'll be signing a giant card or banner for the Kunze family while Maize South students will be handing out blue armbands for everyone to wear at their homecoming game.