Wins for Kansas: Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty

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It's described as a celebration of Medicine Lodge's Native American Heritage.

And this is the highlight of the three-day event: the pageant.

"The Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Pageant is a reenactment of history, it's living history," said Cathy Colborn, Pageant Director.

As a former history teacher, Cathy Colborn says the pageant covers three hundred years of history.

Held just two miles east of Medicine Lodge, the land creates a natural amphitheater.

Thousands of people can watch as a huge cast with horses and wagons reenacts the events leading up to the signing of the Treaty of Medicine Lodge.

"Our first pageant was in 1927- this is our 25th presentation," said Colborn.

Many of the participants are ancestors of the Native Americans who belong to one of the original five tribes that signed the treaty in 1867.

"This isn't just a pageant. It's heritage, it's history, it's history relived. You read it in a history book. You can see it and become a part of it," said Colborn.

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