2 Wichita officers file lawsuits against city, police chief

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The City of Wichita faces two lawsuits from police officers.

In one case, an officer is suing Police Chief Gordon Ramsay for “ruining his reputation.”

Officer Marlon Woolcock was arrested last year, accused of rape. But after an investigation, he was cleared. Still he implies a statement Ramsay made to the media after the arrest was made ruined any chances he had at promotions or new employment.

In 2017, Ramsay said “While we respect everybody’s right under due process, under the law, I can’t help but be very disturbed by the nature of these allegations.”

A separate email sent to employees in the department read in part “When one officer engages in misconduct, it reflects poorly on our entire profession. Let’s be honest, this incident will likely take away some of the community support we’ve been receiving.”

Woolcock’s attorneys argue that weeks after making those comments, Woolcock was cleared after the district attorney’s office said a rape case couldn’t be made. He returned to regular duty, but the suit claims his reputation was diminished and that a previous application to work for the FBI will likely be rejected.

In a second and unrelated lawsuit, a police officer accuses the department of discrimination and retaliation.

Lieutenant Sarah Oldridge claims she was investigated by the department after questioning a promotion she lost in 2018. She wrote in court documents, “I believe I was being investigated because of my email. I believe I was denied a promotion because of my sex and disciplined in retaliation.”

No attorneys involved for either party or the City of Wichita would comment on the case. A police spokesman did say, “the city does not typically comment on pending litigation.”

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