Abused puppies recovering at foster home

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A pair of puppies is recovering at a foster home after being found at a northeast Wichita apartment with their muzzles tied shut with hair ties.

"They were up this morning, eating breakfast, rolling in the mud, having a good time this morning. So, they've already put the past behind them and they're already looking forward to the future," said Sarah Coffman, founder of the Wichita Animal Action League.

On Wednesday afternoon, a maintenance worker, trying to locate a broken pipe, found the puppies inside an apartment.  The puppies were inside a filthy kennel with their muzzles bound shut.

"It brought tears to my eyes at that point in time because of the sheer disregard for any type of animal," said Wes Petty, maintenance contractor.

Police are investigating this as a case of animal abuse, but no charges have been filed.

In 2011, Officer Heather Frazier was able to get a felony conviction on an owner who shut his dog's mouth with a rubber band. In that case, part of the dog's snout had to be removed.

The puppies, Wesley and Little Debbie, are expected to make a full recovery.

"They're trying to hide the dog. If you can't have the dog, don't have the dog 'cause you do something like this to keep you from being discovered with these puppies and they've been hurt. And, this is not the right way to treat a puppy," said Officer Frazier.

KAKE News knocked on the door where the puppies were found but no one answered.

If you see problems with animals, you can contact Wichita Animal Control at (316) 350-3360.