Local Red Cross volunteers head to North Carolina ahead of storm

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Red Cross volunteer and Health Services Supervisor Jerry Conyers is mapping out his trip to North Carolina ahead of Hurricane Florence. 

"I've been to the Virgin Islands. I've been to Hawaii,” he recalled. “I've been to Hurricane Harvey.”

Conyers is just one of the local volunteers will be traveling the more than 1,300 miles to help distribute food and water. They'll also be opening up evacuation shelters ahead of the storm. 

"When you go to a hurricane or volcano, I don't think you can prepare yourself for to the magnitude of that devastation,” he added.  

People in the storm’s path are being told to brace for the worst. Not only does the storm pack destructive winds but some areas could see widespread flooding.

Volunteers like Jody Branson could be sent to some of the hardest hit areas.

"The need is so great, and so few people can go out and be deployed for two or three weeks from home from their jobs,” she said. “For me, I kind of feel like it's a real responsibility.”  

Red Cross volunteers like Branson and Conyers will play a key role in helping provide aid. In the meantime, people along the Carolina coast are being warned to do what they can to protect themselves.

The Red Cross will send more than 700 disaster workers.

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