Thunderbirds wow crowd at air show

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After her crew was thousands of miles in the air, Thunderbirds Capt. Kassandra Mangosing was back on solid ground signing autographs after a successful show.

"It's really amazing that anywhere we go in the country, you have this sense of patriotism that comes together at an air show,” she said.

She's excited Sunday’s perfect weather made it easy for her crew to perform a routine they spent hours perfecting.

"Everybody on this team works really hard and is super motivated to make the mission happen,” she stated. “Then, we get to outreach with the community and show not only what the Air Force is about but what being an American is about."

It's that attitude and spirit that made Mangosing a crowd favorite. 

The Thunderbirds show started with four planes soaring the skies in sequence over the heads of 100,000 people and it only got more intense. With each twist, trick and heart-stopping the crowd cheered in pure excitement.

"I'm so excited,” said one attendee. “This is my first time I saw it. I like it a lot.”

And many weren't just there to see the show but to also support those who've done so much for our country.

"Just them fighting for our country and them putting all their hard work and time into this,” stated Sarah Rose, who was there to show her support.

Stephany Coffey, who attended, added, “I hope they do it again next year."

 Organizers say they're already working to figure out how soon McConnell will host its next air show.

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