Kansas gubernatorial candidates face off at State Fair


There was more than fried food and animals at the Kansas State Fair Saturday.

From cheers, to jeers, the crowd at the Kansas State Fair Gubernatorial Debate came prepared.

"I am, I'm a strong Kobach fan," said Dawn Erbert.

The theme Saturday at the fair was Poll and Stroll.

Candidates for Secretary of State, House of Representatives and more were each given 20 minutes to make their case.

But much of the action came when three of the candidates for the State's top job had their own debate.

"(We're) Going to determine the path our state is on for the next several decades," said Independent candidate Greg Orman.

Orman, Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Democratic State Senator Laura Kelly spoke to supporters and their opposition.

"I'm not a politician who uses empty words to try to make everyone feel happy," said Kobach.

"It's very clear the message that we have, the need to rebuild our state, invest in our schools, in our roads, in our healthcare, is what people believe in the state of Kansas," said Kelly.

Many attendees came to the debates with their minds made up.

"I think Kris did fine. He says what he's going to do," said Erbert.

"I think the debate went great. I think there was a lot of energy and support for Laura," said David Jordan.