Fall allergies strike sufferers hard

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A day in the park hasn’t been as easy for Christina Brouilette and her son, Fulton. They both suffer from fall allergies.

“It’s awful, really awful,” she said. “I have three other littles that are in school right now but they get it really bad as well.”

Ragweed isn’t unusual to suffer from in the fall. The weed unleashes it’s pollen into the air, typically in August, and it leaves many people coughing and sneezing.

But with inches and inches of rain in the past few weeks, doctors offices across Wichita have been slammed with major rise in the number of patients.

“Some people are confusing it for cough, cold symptoms,” said Dr. Amy Seery with Via Christi. “But when we really drill it down, we discover it’s allergies. The grasses have really had a chance to grow robust and they’re putting a lot of pollen out right now.”

Another trigger in the fall is mold. Those spores often grow in wet spots outside like damp leaves, which can prove to be a breeding ground. Dust mites also get stirred into the air the first time you turn your heat on in the fall. They, too, can trigger sneezes, wheezes and runny noses.

Like other allergies, similar treatments prove to be effective – nasal sprays, decongestants, immunotherapy, antihistamines. Homeopathic therapies have also been reported to be effective for some.

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