Officers write 184 tickets in 6 days along K-15

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Gary Barrett has lived in Derby for 23 years now and he said K-15 has always been a problem for drivers.

“They have picked up the speed and it’s really unreal. They should be going slower,” Barrett said.

And the Kansas Department of Transportation agrees. That’s why this month, travelers can expect to see more law enforcement out on K-15, from 5 different departments, including the Sheriff’s Office, Wichita police, Mulvane police, the highway patrol and Derby police.

They’re not just looking for speeders.

“They’ve told us they had people running stop signs and inattention, DUI’s, driving under the influence and not only alcohol, but drugs too,” State of Kansas Law Enforcement Liaison, Troy Wells said.

The Sheriff's Office says between MacArthur, all the way down to 95th Street South, they’ve responded to 220 accidents on K-15 in the last year and that’s only on about a 7 mile stretch of highway.

In less than a week, the Sheriff’s Office has given out 138 tickets, all to drivers going 16 mph or more over the speed limit. 

“That’s not good. I could see maybe 5, but not 16,” Barrett said.

Now KDOT hopes those traveling on K-15 will start paying more attention.

“People just need to learn to leave for work, or wherever they’re going just a little bit earlier. Take their time because nothing’s more important than their life,” Wells said.

K-DOT is paying for the officers’ overtime during the enforcement. Money from the traffic fines does not go to KHP or the Sheriff’s Office. It will go to the state.


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The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office says officers have issued 184 citations during a traffic enforcement along K-15.

The sheriff's office said Thursday on Facebook that the tickets were written over a six-day period. Mulvane police issued 20, Derby police issued 26 and the sheriff's office issued 138 citations. 

"In the past year from September 1, 2017 through September 1, 2018 there has been 220 accidents along K15 from 95th St South to MacArthur," the Facebook post says. "This is due to inattentive driving, speeding, driving under the influence, or following to close."

The post provided a map of where the traffic accidents were concentrated along with a photo breaking down where money from citations goes. 

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