Jewell County gunman's girlfriend speaks out about shooting and chase

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Dozens of law enforcement officers were in full pursuit of Jason Whitson. Investigators say he was running after shooting two Jewell County Sheriff's deputies.

Whitson's girlfriend, Sabrina Tracy, along with his five kids were in the van he was driving. 

She said, “We had the kids in the car, we were all freaked out. We were worried something was going to happen to him. We were worried something was going to happen to us.”

Tracy says after the shooting at the sheriff's office Whitson got back into the van, put the gun on his lap and drove away. Eventually police spotted the van and followed him. During the chase, Whitson stopped and let his Tracy and the kids out on the side of the road.

She said, “When they were chasing him it was not like he was going 100 miles per hour, he was going the speed limit and using his blinkers. All he said was he loved us and that was that.”

While she says the motive is still unclear she knows Whitson had been complaining about a chemical smell in his house. She claims it had been making both him and his children sick.

She says he felt like no one believed him about his problem especially after he had the gas company and law officers at his house to check it out.

She said, “He told me he was going to talk to the sheriff. We thought he was going to talk to them because of the chemical smell in the house. Next we know we hear gunshots and he gets into the car.”

Aside from hearing the gunshots, she says Whitson didn't tell her he shot at two deputies.

She claims the chemicals in his house made him delusional and after the shooting he didn't even know what he had done. She said, “Jason was not a monster. I think people need to understand that this wasn't him. He wouldn't do this intentionally.”

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