Police arrest man thought to be connected to business break-ins

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Wichita Police have caught a man they believe is connected to a number of business break-ins.

Marvin Hernandez was arrested for the Wednesday night burglary at Cosh Real Estate.

Corey Sandy says he thought he was doing a good dead when a man came in asking for a job just four days ago.

“I was happy to give him two five-dollar gift cards to Dillons out of our desk drawer so he could at least have some food," Sandy says.

Little did he know, that same man would come back and burglarize his real estate business. Cameras both outside and inside the building, showed him throwing a rock into the glass door.

“You can see him riding his bike around the building casing it," says Sandy. "He simply comes up and throws a brick or rock through the window. He climbs in really quick and rips apart the desk.”

The burglar managed to steal a laptop and phone cords, but he didn't get too far.

Investigators say Marvin Hernandez is no stranger to police.

“Mr. Hernandez is known to our burglary detectives and has been arrested in the past on multiple different occasions," says WPD Officer Charley Davidson.

Police think he's involved in a number of recent business break-ins, including one at Azteka's Boutique. Surveillance video from that break-in shows a similar pattern of entry.

Corey Sandy says he'll probably add extra cameras for safety, and urges other small business to do the same.

"It's frustrating to spend money and time in Wichita and have some creep come back and vandalize your stuff."

WPD investigators think Hernandez could be linked to at least four other burglaries.

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