Camera catches crook stealing from Wichita women's boutique

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Sara Morales is the co-owner of Azteka’s Boutique, a women's clothing store in north Wichita. Wednesday morning, she was cleaning up the broken glass from the front door that was smashed by a burglar.

It was all caught on camera, too. Surveillance video shows the man going through the broken door and making his way toward the back of the business.

Morales believes based on his movements, the burglar may have cased the place and knew where to find the cash.

Morales says the business has been open for about a year and while this is the first time someone has broken in, it’s very unsettling.

“I'm really sad because it's not just monetary but now I’m thinking 'what if they come back?'" she said. "And what if they come back while I’m here with my kids?”

Azteka’s Boutique isn't the only business in the Juarez Plaza that has been a victim of crime. Next door to the clothing store, a hair salon was vandalized just last month.

Gabriella Ramirez, a hair stylist for Maria Bonita, said, “We had an incident happen around 4 a.m. where a stone object was thrown at one of our windows. Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything on camera due to our blinds being down.”

Ramirez has worked at the salon for the last six years and has seen a number of crimes there. She says because of it the business has added more surveillance.

"The salon decided to put up cameras and the owner of the plaza also put a camera out there that screen shots the whole parking lot. We were talking about putting another camera at another angle.”

While Azteka's camera caught the crook in action, Morales plans to talk with her neighbors on how to better protect their businesses.

She said, “The dream of anyone is owning a business. We're trying to see what we can do help this plaza and this neighborhood.”

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