Wins for Kansas: WPD Accident Investigation Team

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The Wichita Police Department's Accident Investigation Team is highly skilled, responding to some of the worst and sometimes fatal collisions.

The evidence they gather at the scene has to be thorough and accurate.

"A lot of these collisions when there is very serious injuries or someone is killed they result in battery or murder charges," says Detective Larry Bray.

Detective Bray says the department's Traffic Unit must document the accident, knowing their detailed description could ultimately be used by prosecutors in court.

But getting these specialized officers the right training costs money. 

"It's needed to bring us up to the standards of lots of other departments."

At a training facility in Florida, officers will spend time seeing and studying collisions and the science behind them.

"It gives me more confidence that their investigation will be more complete and we'll have a better picture when we go to charging," says Det. Bray.

To help offset the cost, our Wins for Kansas partners DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are donating $500 to the WPD Accident Investigation Team.