Get ahead of Kansas allergies

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Wichita usually makes the list of top ten worst cities for allergies.

Get ready, a rainy summer means we're in for a big ragweed crop. If you have allergies, you know that's not good.

Local Allergist, Dr. Van Strickland says there are things you can do now to make this allergy season more bearable.

Strickland recommends starting with an antihistamine.

Take one each day now to make sure it's in your system before your systems get bad.

Also consider adding in a nasal spray and saline wash.

If those don't work, then try a specialist.

"Don't let it get ahead of you. I like to treat little problems. So take care of a little problem when it's easier," says Dr. Strickland.

And keep in mind, if you've been outside, you'll likely track in pollen on your hair and body, so take a shower to wash it away.