Medical cannabis advocates meet in downtown Wichita

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Sarah Storment has seen firsthand the benefits of medical cannabis usage on the people she cares about.

“When you add THC, what it does is it really just becomes a really big health booster,’ Storment said.

At a rally in downtown Wichita a group gathered to voice their own support for medical cannabis.

“It would be beneficial to the state for so many tax reasons and everything else. I don’t understand why there's a hold off on it,” Isarah Decker, who attended the rally, said.

They're hoping Kansas joins the 30 other states that currently allow the use of medical marijuana.

“When they did put me on a bunch of head medications, my doctor suggested that I use CBD and that had a significant improvement. So, then I started really learning more about the bill and more about how cannabis can help other people,” Storment said.

The group calls itself “Bleeding Kansas Advocates,” and they hope to get the attention of lawmakers.

In March, the state House, narrowly rejected the Kansas Safe Access Act.

It would have been the first victory in the fight to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas.

“What we’ve seen with the support of doctors, the medical community and the citizens of Wichita has been unbelievable. I believe that the citizens want it,” Chris Valentine, who owns a CBD dispensary, said.

Governor Colyer, a doctor, said he's opposed based on the recommendation of the American Medical Association.

But several studies show legalizing medical marijuana can lead to fewer opioid deaths.

This is why many people here are hoping to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas, a state plagued by opioid addiction

“My hopes are that Kansas will kind of wake up,” Decker said.

The Bleeding Kansas Advocates have an online petition in support of the Kansas Safe Access Act. It currently has over 3,500 signatures.

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