Don't use for windshield replacement: plastic, wood, duct tape, carrots

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The Nebraska State Patrol is reminding drivers that they can't use a sheet of clear plastic...or a piece of wood...or duct tape...or carrots to replace a broken windshield. 

The patrol posted photos on Facebook of one vehicle with all those items in use. A piece of wood spanned the middle of where the windshield should have been, from the roof to the hood, and it was propped up with a can of carrots. A sheet of plastic was then duct-taped around the opening. 

"This is not safe, or legal for that matter," the post said.

The Pontiac's hood was peppered with dents and duct tape was also used around at least one of the headlights, the left bumper and quarter panel. It was not allowed to continue on the road.

"The one thing we'll give credit for: Carrots are supposed to be good for your vision, right? Pretty sure this isn't how that works though."