Wichita's Historic Preservation Office cleans up Minisa Bridge vandalism

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Wichita’s Historic Preservation Office cleans up the Minisa Bridge weeks after it was vandalized.

With a brush in hand, Kathy Morgan, is up bright and early cleaning up the mess vandals made. In late July, someone took black spray paint and sprayed over the eyes of the Native American statues. The process to clean it up isn’t quick and is rather tedious.

Morgan, who works with the city’s Historic Preservation Office said, "What you do in this instance, you paint on the product with a brush and you let it dry, you let it sit."

Because the bridge is nearly 90 years old and is made up of a unique material called Carthalite, no ordinary cleaner will do. The city had to special order a product called Prosoco Graffiti Remover, which costs $90 per gallon.

"It could be taken off with a high-pressure water wash, but it would destroy the surface of the material," Morgan said.

Those who live in Riverside say they're happy its getting cleaned up but sad people don't respect historic property.

"Neighbors get really inflamed and upset when they see this," Barbara Hammond said. My question for them would be, 'Would you go to your grandma's house and spray paint on her garage door or her front door?'”

While Morgan did spend her morning cleaning up the graffiti, the work isn’t done. She’ll have to repeat the process multiple times. 

"It may not get all of it, but we'll get it to a point that it's just a shadow."

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