Kansas police chief threatens #Keke challengers with ride in cop car, Nickelback music

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A central Kansas police chief is warning drivers that if they're caught taking part in a viral social media challenge that inspires them to get out of vehicle and dance, they will be forced to ride in the back of a patrol vehicle and listen to the chief's choice of music.

The #InMyFeelings or #Keke challenge called for drivers to jump out of moving vehicles and dance in the street while a friend in the passenger seat films.

Ellsworth Police Chief Emil Halfhill said on Facebook that if he catches "anyone getting out of their vehicle to do this stupid dance, I’m going to put you in the back of my patrol vehicle and drive around for 30 minutes while making you listen to songs of my choice."

The chief's playlist includes Nickelback, Justin Bieber, polka music, Cher, the Kenny Rogers Christmas album and Mariah Carey 

"This playlist is subject to change at my discretion at any time."