Man sentenced for rubbing hot sauce, cayenne pepper in infant daughter's eyes

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Shawn Michael Foltz Shawn Michael Foltz

A Minnesota father has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for rubbing hot sauce and cayenne pepper in his infant daughter's eyes.

WDAY reports 42-year-old Shawn Foltz was sentenced Wednesday for felony assault. Upon release, he will be under supervision for an additional 10 months. 

Foltz, 42, also was accused of blocking his then 2-month-old daughter's airway until she turned blue, snapping a towel at her eyes and head and spanking her with a wooden spoon.

"I felt like I did not know the man I was married to," the girls mother, Belinda Bailer, said, adding that her  4-year-old son sees a therapist because he witnessed the some of the assaults.

Foltz told police that while he was at work, he would think of ways to harm his daughter.