How Laura Kelly matches up against Kobach and Colyer

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More than 24 hours after the polls closed, many in the state are anxiously awaiting the final results to come in for the GOP primary, and no one more than Laura Kelly.

If Governor Colyer wins the race, Russell Arben Fox, a political science professor at Friends University thinks Kelly, the democrats’ choice for governor, can beat him.

“I think that if you really care about this sort of stuff, and you really insist on exploring all of the options, that Kelly vs. Colyer would probably be a little bit more preferred by democrats than Kelly vs. Kobach,” Fox said.

Because Kelley's campaign is so focused on fixing what former Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts did to the state, Colyer, Brownback's old running mate should be her best match up.

“The argument that Laura Kelly is going to make is the same argument that like Kathleen Sibelius made and other democratic governors in the past have made, which is if you want to get the state back on track, you need to break with the past. You need to elect a democrat,” Fox said.

But Kelly’s own polling shows she would be able to run a closer race against Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who some see as being more polarizing.

Either way Fox said Kelly might have a shot, since Kansans have a history of voting in female democrats to fix mistakes made in previous republican administrations.

“Voters, republican voters, at least moderate republican voters, tend to be more accepting of the idea that, ‘Okay it’s time to break things up. It’s time to bring a democrat in and Sam Brownback fits that model very much,” Fox said.

But state’s republican party says they’re not worried about coming up against Kelly in November.

“We’re preparing two different strategies depending on who our nominee is because each have their different campaigns, pieces they’re campaigning on, the issues they’re campaigning on, and we will build our overall republican campaign around that,” Kelly Arnold, Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party, said.

The state's GOP chairman also said he believes with wild card Greg Orman running as an independent in November’s election, Orman could take away votes from Kelly and help the GOP hold onto the seat.

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