GOP gubernatorial primary race remains close

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It remains a close race between Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer and Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Kobach led Colyer by fewer than 200 votes after Tuesday's election.

The outcome will be determined by thousands of provisional and mail-in ballots that have not been counted.

"One of the long standing phrases, 'Democrats don't win in Kansas, Republicans lose.' In other words, when you see a Democrat succeed, it's because the Republicans were suffering from in fighting. They were divided between their moderate and conservative factions," said Russell Arben Fox, political science professors at Friends University.

During the primary, Democrats chose Laura Kelly. 

But there are Independent and Libertarian candidates that had no play in the primary, but will appear in the general election ballot.

"It's more likely to hurt Kelly than it would Kobach. Now, the one difference, of course, is that Kobach is not your ordinary Republican. Kobach's extremely polarizing. Kobach is genuinely unpopular with a lot of Republicans," said Fox.

But Kobach has received the support of President Donald Trump. 

"The likelihood of large numbers of Republicans flipping from Republican to Democrat is not very good. But, the likelihood of large numbers of Republicans flipping from Republican to Independent is slightly better," he said. "Are you willing to vote for me, an independent? That' the sort of message that could really work."

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