Don't care? Don't have a reason to vote? You are not alone.

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Multiple studies show “generation y” and “millennials” will stay away from Kansas polls on Tuesday.

That means if you are in your 20 or 30's there is a good chance you won't be voting on Tuesday in Kansas.

According to a pew research study not only are younger adults less likely to participate but “millennials” have a track record of low turnout in midterms.

Those we spoke to in old town Wichita in the “millennial” age group told us they struggled to find the issues that really mattered to give them good reason to vote.

"Some just don't want to get up and do it," said Erick Zayas

But all hope isn't lost for young local voters, who say they believe they will find the motivation to hit the polls...that is when they are ready.

"I definitely do think down the road it will be a lot better voting wise and millennials will get out and vote because they will have a reason to but as of right now I just don't think they want to get up to do it,” added Zayas.