Dreamers hope for DACA renewal

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It's estimated that more than 68-hundred young Kansans are here under the DACA program. 

In order to stay in the program and live in the US  legally, they'll have to renew their application.

KAKE'S Porsha Riley talked to a local Dreamer who's made it her mission to fight for the program. 

America is the only home Sarahi Aguilera has ever known.

"I'm sure a parent will do anything for their children and that's just what my parents were doing whenever they decided to leave our home country." says Aguilera.

But with the upcoming DACA hearing, she's forced to face what her life will be like if the program is ended. 

"I just transferred to Wichita State University, I just got my new apartment, so having this possibly taken away from me is gonna put me back to zero. I feel like it would completely turn my life upside down," says Aguilera.

So she's renewing her application before this weeks hearing, in hopes of continuing her life and education here in Wichita and she's getting help from her new boss at Sunflower Community Action. 

Guadalupe Magdaleno - Executive Director at Sunflower Community Action 
"We're expecting a ruling from the federal court in Texas on the 8th of August," says Guadalupe Magdaleno.

Guadalupe Magdaleno is the Executive Director of Sunflower. As an immigrant, she's made it her mission to help others like herself. 

"I migrated to this country looking for a better life for myself and my family. Trying to do the best that we can is our motto and we pass that to our kids to our sons and daughters so we expect them to do double what anybody else had been blessed with in this country as gratitude for being in this country," says Magdaleno.

The same mentality Aguilera has. A reason comments like "go back to your country" don't sit well.

"It does hurt. It has a very big emotional impact on my life whenever I see people attacking my parents blaming them for only thinking about giving my siblings and I a better future," says Aguilera.

Right now, there are around 800,000 Dreamers in the US and about 6,000 here in Kansas.
as far as legality, Kansas Immigration Attorney Greg Beuke  wants to remind people the process of becoming a legal citizen doesn't happen over night. 

"One thing that I wish that everyone understood is that not everyone has a means to be become legal and to get residence in this country."

"That's the main thing, these people were brought here as children through no faults of their own."

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