Haysville police sgt. buys room for family traveling through Kansas

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When Haysville police sergeant Randy Nowak spotted a family sleeping in their car, he went out of his way to help. 

"I got to speaking with them; they were out traveling doing some vacation before school starts," he recalled. 

It was during that talk, the sergeant learned they were heading to Iowa from Texas. He says during the drive, the family faced some car trouble before witnessing an accident close by. 

"The young man had run over and gave assistance to a lady who was trapped in the car," Nowak stated. 

That good deed inspired him to give back. 

The family was parked at the Jump Start gas station to get some rest before continuing their drive to Iowa, but thanks to Sergeant Nowak they didn't have to sleep in their car and were able to lay their head on a pillow at the Express Inn hotel right next door. 

And he did it with his own money.

"I was raised right," he said. "I mean, I was raised to help people. I know good deeds are always returned, at some point in time. Ya know, there's gonna be a time where I might need some help." 

And although he didn't get to check on the family before they hit the road again, he says he's glad he could provide some comfort in their time of need.

"Makes me feel real good; hopefully, I can touch a lot of people," he said. "That's our job to protect and serve and make sure everybody's ok."