Wichita Police Department releases lip sync challenge video

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The Wichita Police Department is joining in on social media's latest craze. The department filmed the last part of a lip sync challenge video in Old Town last week and released the video today.

Click here to watch the video

You’ve seen the clips on social media: police departments lip syncing to popular songs.

The Salina Police Department made its own, challenging the Wichita Police Department to create one.

WPD chose the song Seven Nation Army, by the White Stripes, with its Wichita mention.

All of the officers were there on their own time.

"There's a term in law enforcement called 'humanizing the badge,' and that's something we're really trying to focus on," said Officer Anthony Villegas.

Last Thursday night, the community was invited to participate.

“I’ve been following the videos and saw Wichita was going to do it.”