Ford County facing noise complaints due to concert venue

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Ford County resident Greg Winkler's property sits on the edge of Dodge City.

Pointing to a large metal overhang in the distance, Winkler says "that's where the concerts are held." It’s called the Palomino Ranch, and during the summer it holds large music concerts. "You'll get constant thumping that will rattle the windows and the floor," said Winkler.

Despite dozens of calls to the Ford County Sheriff’s Department the concerts have been allowed to go forward. Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr said his deputies couldn't shut down the concerts based solely on a violation of a county ordinance.

According to the Palomino’s 2006 conditional use permit, outdoor events should end by 10 pm during the summer months. It also states they should install noise suppression, such as a bandshell to prevent the music from traveling.

Palomino's owner, Roman Del Rio tells KAKE News he's invested a lot into the property. He says the concerts are held under a newly built large metal overhang to help reduce the noise. He said, "I understand and respect what they are complaining about. We are here to work with the city and neighbors respectfully."  Del Rio also admits, “the concerts do last past 11:30 or 12 o'clock." 

While apologetic, Del Rio has no plans to stop. He's asked the county zoning board for permission to hold his concerts till midnight. 

During the meeting, Winkler expressed his concerns to the board. In the end, they rejected the new permit and also recommended Del Rio do something more to prevent the noise issue.

Ford County Counselor, Glenn Kerbs, said if the Palomino were to violate the current guidelines of its conditional use permit, it would be revoked.