Wichita restaurant remodeled by chef Gordon Ramsay is closing for good

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A dog-friendly Wichita restaurant that was remodeled and relaunched by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay last year is closing its doors for good. 

Fetch Bar & Grill said on Facebook that it will be closing on Sunday, April 28. 

"Thank you for loving the place and sharing your dogs with us," the post says. "We truly will miss you. Please join us for Easter weekend and the following weekend to send it off right!"

The restaurant, owned by Greg and Pamela Buss, was featured on 24 Hours to Hell and Back, starring world-class celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay last summer. Read more on the story below.

Previous story from July 25, 2018:

Just last year, Greg and Pamela Buss were struggling restaurant owners, with an uncertain future. Until they got one very important phone call.

“That call came through and I think I was just so hopeful that I didn’t even really think at that time that it was a joke of some kind,” Pamela said.

The pair's east Wichita restaurant, "Fetch Bistro", was selected to be on a new restaurant renovation show, called 24 Hours to Hell and Back, starring world-class celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay.

“He’s larger than life and I think that is because of his passion for what he does and he really thoroughly enjoys what he does,” Pamela said.

In just 24 short hours, Ramsay transformed the restaurant, changing the menu, working with the staff and updating the restaurants look.

"Then they all left and we were left with a new restaurant that we had to try and figure out all over again,” Greg said.

But something Ramsay didn't change is who else they serve, dogs.

“This place kind of fits perfectly. Somewhere that you don’t feel bad about bringing your dog and you can eat, beer. I mean I don’t know what else it doesn’t have,’ customer, Bre Martinez said. 

While dining with dogs isn’t as popular in the U.S. as it is in Europe, Chef Ramsay told the Buss' he thought America was ready for this type of dining concept.

Now that the episode has aired, the pair is hoping the restaurant will bring in more customers and furry friends.