It's a seller's market for those looking to list their homes in Wichita

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Driving down any neighborhood street in Wichita, you’re bound to find a ‘for sale’ sign. But realtors say those signs aren’t staying up long.

“Now you’re gonna have to probably look a little bit harder because you may see a house that comes on the market in the morning and then by 4 o’clock it’s sold,” Stephanie McCurdy, Assoc. Broker for Keller Williams Hometown Partners, LLC, said.

That’s because it's a seller's market in Wichita and surrounding towns.

“We’ve had about a 44% increase between May and June of houses that are coming on the market and a lot of that is contributed to the lack of housing that’s available currently for people,” McCurdy said.

South Central Kansas Realtors show home sales in this area are on the rise compared to last year.

Wichita State's Center for Real Estate said Wichita is definitely a sellers’ market right now, as long as the home is in a good area, and there's nothing major wrong with it.

In fact, houses are selling so quickly, buyers are often in a bidding war...

“The seller is obviously going to want to sell their home for the highest and best that they can get for that home and so when offers are coming in, people are adjusting over what the asking price is to ensure that they’re gonna get that home,” McCurdy said.

McCurdy said the market has been seeing this uptick for the last 9-10 months and there’s no telling how long it will last, meaning if you’re looking to sell, now is the time.

“Most people like to move in the summer, especially if they have children because they want their kids to get used to the neighborhoods, know other kids that are gonna be riding on the bus with theirs and then also to make sure that they’re in the school system that they want to be in,” McCurdy said.

So, if you’re thinking about putting that ‘for sale’ sign up in your yard, now is the time to do so to get the most bang for your buck. 

“You know that you’re probably going to get a lot of offers because houses are moving very quickly,” McCurdy said.

Larger cities like Kansas City and even Oklahoma City are seeing this same buyer’s trend but there’s no telling how long it will last.

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