Kansas authorities search for armed home invasion suspect

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A Sumner County family is still reeling after crossing paths with a man police considered armed and dangerous. 

The homeowner walked in on the suspect who had broken into the house Tuesday afternoon. What happened next has everyone on edge.

A burned out shell of a pickup truck sits behind the house just south of Mayfield in Sumner County. Plywood covers the windows of the home. 

"It's been scary very scary," says neighbor Mindy Tencleve. Tencleve gets emotional just thinking about  what happened down the road.

It's just very ... really tough to lose your home, to think a guy could go in there and do that kind of damage." says Tencleve.

Investigators say the homeowner came home Tuesday afternoon to find an armed intruder inside. The burglar held the victim at gunpoint, ordering him to open his safe. 

Captain Mike Westmoreland of the Sumner County Sheriff's office says the victim threw the small safe at the suspect.

As soon as the victim got out of the house, he ran a half mile down this dirt road where he could finally call 911.

But that wasn't the end... when deputies arrived they found the victim's truck and house on fire, the suspect was gone. 

"I stood up on the corner looking on the fields, hoping I'd see him, but I never saw him," said neighbor Bret Shore.

It's an all out manhunt. Capt. Westmoreland says so far this year his office has worked 43 home burglaries but none like this one. 

"Everybody's on high alert, we're fielding calls, everybody wants to know what to do, if this happens to them. if they see somebody." 

Neighbors are trying to help clean up what's left of the victims' home, Digging through the ashes all the while keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. 

"It's going kinda scary the next few weeks,or even being outside thinking that somebody could be out there or watching." 

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Authorities in Sumner County are searching for the suspect in a home invasion.

Deputies responded at around 1:15 pm. Tuesday to the 400 block of South Mayfield Road. A dispatcher said the victim was able to escape and run to a neighbor's home to call 911. He reported a man with a gun was inside his house.

The victim also said he could see smoke coming from inside the house. When deputies arrived, they found a vehicle on fire behind the shed and smoke coming from inside the home.

Fire crews were called to put out the fire while deputies and Kansas troopers searched the area for the suspect, who hasn't been located.

The suspect was described as a white male between 35 to 40 years old. He stands about 6-foot-1 and weighs approximately 250 pounds, has short sandy-brown hair and short facial hair. The suspect was  wearing a plaid shirt, tan pants and black boots. He was also described as having tattoos on his left arm.

Deputies said he was armed with a small caliber handgun. 

Anyone with information is asked to call 911.