Wins For Kansas: Callie Cares Foundation

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Long stays at the hospital can be difficult for children. So one non-profit created by a seven year-old girl is trying to bring a smile to patients by giving out gift bags.

'Callie Cares' Foundation was inspired by Callie Leiker after she spent time in the hospital diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Callie's mother Lisa said that she was concerned about how her daughter was going to cope with the stays in the hospital, but Callie's reaction surprised her.

"She didn't ask what going to happen to her, she didn't ask the next step is, she asked, mom all those kids in the hospital are in there for a long time.. and I said ya sometimes. I said some have cancer some have issues and says how can I make them happy?" said Lisa.

Callie said after they came up with the idea of gift bags the donations started pouring in.

"There are ten items, there are stuffed animals, puzzles all kinds of things in there that I like to put in there and that makes it fun for kids in the hospital," said Callie.