New CBD shop opens in Wichita

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Ashley Pompa has been struggling with severe anxiety and insomnia for years.

"I rely on Benadryl a lot which is super not healthy," said Pompa. 

It's a reason she decided to visit Wichita's new CBD shop, The Health Connection, looking for a new, natural way to wing herself off over the counter drugs. 

"I've seen first hand what medications and things like that do to people," she added. "I think in the long run it'll be a lot better for me." 

While the sale of marijuana is illegal in the state, CBD comes from hemp oil and isn't included in the law. 

Wichita CBD oil shop remains open despite attorney general's statement

"What's nice about our products is it works with the natural cannabinoid system in your body and it sets those receptors off in your body and your body starts healing itself," Greenlee explained.

That's something Greenlee's seen first hand with her dad's health. 

"I've been taking CBD for about four years," said Greenlee's father and co-owner, Vernon Hammond. "I was on four prescriptions. I weighed 260 pounds. I mean, I was a typical old guy gonna die in 10 years. I had early stages of COPD; my doctor says I'm good now." 

But it's the story of Lili Gilmore and other kids with epilepsy that drove Greenlee to open the shop.

Gilmore started having seizures at just six months old, suffering hundreds a week. That was before a syrup made with CBD called Epidiolex helped reduce them. It was approved by the FDA in January.   

And CBD isn't just for humans; your pets can use it too.

"My grandpa has two dogs and they're both very small dogs and they get grass rashes and things like that and he uses the oils on them," said Brenna Allen-Smider. "It helps clear that stuff up and it helps with allergies, and one of the dogs that's much older is getting pains and it helps with it."

The shop is offering free classes about CBD.