Hero grandmother saves grandkids from Wichita house fire

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Lucy Daniels spends most of her time in her garden.That's where she was Thursday morning when she heard a sound she didn't recognize.

"The noise that I heard was like 'beep beep beep beep,'" explains Lucy. It was her smoke alarm.

Within minutes, fire spread through Lucy's Estelle Street home. Inside were her two young grandsons. With no time to spare, Lucy jumped to action.

"Only thing I could do was think about was saving these kids, it was all I could think about."

First, she tried one of the doors closest to her living room, where her grandsons were sleeping.

"Then when I opened the screen door, the fire just went 'woosh,' right in my face, And I looked down and it was black.  I couldn't see nothing in there, nothing," says Lucy.

But then something caught her eye: a shovel. That would be normal for most people, but not this meticulously tidy woman.

"I said 'Oh God, I got to get these kids, I got to get these kids out of here.' Then there was the shovel. And I just got that shovel and (hit the window) just as hard as I could do it."

Lucy broke out the window and helped her grandsons climb to safety.

She was treated for smoke inhalation but is going to be fine. Her home, on the other hand will take some time to repair.

But already, her family and neighbors were there, this time helping her.