Fireworks can trigger PTSD in Veterans

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Vibrant, colorful fireworks filling the night sky might can be very beautiful, but they can be scary for veterans suffering from PTSD.

"It's just a complete and total reaction, it's a reflex that really you never get over," says Mulvane resident Cory Tourville.

Tourville  lives just outside Mulvane. He's a Marine Veteran who served in the first gulf war. 

He says these loud booms can trigger stress and can often remind veterans of bombings or explosions. 

"The ones that really get me are the ones that you can feel. That shockwave that hits you. Those are the ones that make jump or hit the deck and want to get away," says Tourville.

While Tourville says fireworks can be startling, he has a furry friend  friend named Dexter to help calm him down.

"If he (Dexter) notices that there's a stressful situation going on, he does interact with me. He follows me around this place like a shadow." 

While Tourville knows fireworks are what make the fourth of July special. 

"I know that there are people who have the signs, veterans and fireworks, be cognizant of that and just be respectful because these people have really been through a lot." 

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