Protecting your pets during Fourth of July fireworks

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Fireworks are a big part of the Fourth of July celebration, but they're not a hit with everyone.

“Traditionally this week is the busiest week that we will have throughout the entire year,” said Lt. Brian Sigman, Wichita Animal Control.

If your pet gets upset over thunder or other loud noises, fireworks can be very scary.

The loud booms can cause their survival instincts to kick in, for a dog or even a cat, running away is the best solution.

“You want to make sure that your dog absolutely has a collar on and that they have current contact information on that collar. That is a really important thing,” said the Kansas Humane Society’s Ericka Goering.

Identification makes it easier when they are picked up. On July 5th, many owners end up at the city’s animal shelter looking for their displaced pets

“As soon as fireworks start being sold in the city, that’s when we start seeing an increase,” Sigman said.

But the city says that's getting better. 

The Wichita Animal Shelter said the number of missing pets that there near the 4th has gone down over the last few years.

They think that's due to more awareness and responsibility from owners and also having more officers in the field.

The animal shelter recommends, if possible, bringing your pets inside before the fireworks start.

If your animal is used to a crate, put them inside and cover it with a blanket.

Also, purchasing a thunder vest can help to keep your dog calm.

And double check gates and fences to make sure your dog can't escape.

“Make sure that they have a leash on so that if they do get scared, they’re not gonna get away from you and you’re not gonna end up with a lost pet,” Goering said.

If your pet does go missing on the Fourth, the Kansas Humane Society said the first place you should check with is the Wichita Animal Shelter. They're closed on the Fourth but reopen on July 5th.

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