Clean-up begins in Eureka after devastating EF-3 tornado

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The sound of construction equipment was common in the eastern Kansas town of Eureka -- tearing down was was ripped apart by a tornado the night before. 

The town took a direct hit after the tornado touched down at around 7:20 p.m. It was rated an EF-3 by the National Weather Service.

Greenwood County Sheriff Matt Samuels said eight people were injured and 10 homes were destroyed. A task force assessed about 330 homes by Wednesday afternoon.

"There's more damage this go around then there was the first time, but we haven't been around town," said volunteer Zack Marshall

But around town it wasn't much different. One business looked more like an alley after its roof was ripped off, nothing but rubble lying on the ground.

Marian Drake's streetfront store doesn't have a window anymore. Most of what was inside the storm knocked to the floor. 

"It's minimal damage compared to what others have lost and so we'll just get it packed up and see what happens next," Drake said

Debris scattered across roads and yards. Heaps of metal, chunks of roofing littered one woman's yard. But that didn't come from the roof of her home; it came from the business across the street.

Laura Brubaker also fared a little better, though there's damage to a nearby car and the windows of her house. 

"The sirens are started going off," she said. "I had very little warning. and was able to get the door dead-bolted to keep the wind and to shut it and fight it. I had to fight against the wind and I ran for the basement."

She and her family are together and OK as the community now works again to rebuild.

And that "first time" Marshall spoke of was about a tornado that hit Eureka in July of 2016. More on that story here